IELTS Speaking Part 3 Topic


Here are some of the questions asked:

1. What types of party do people have, and why are parties important?

2. Why do you think some people like parties but others hate them?

3. Do you think parties will become more popular in the future?

4. Why do people throw family parties in your country?

5. Do people spend a lot of money on these parties in your country?

6. Do you think festivals and celebrations are becoming more Americanised in your country? (Can you give some examples? How do you feel about that?)

7. Are any old traditions related to particular times of year in your country disappearing? (Why do you think that is? Should anything be done about it?)

8. Are there any examples in your country of special days which were originally made up by the marketing departments of companies, e.g. Grandparents Day? What do you think about that?

9. Do you think any other festivals or celebrations in your country are over-commercialised or have lost their original meaning?

10. What local festival in your area or country would be most interesting for a foreign guest, do you think?

11. What do you think about people who aren’t Christian but celebrate Christmas anyway?

12. Do people nowadays tend to appreciate what public holidays are meant to celebrate, or do they just treat them like any other day off?

13. How can the government or festival organisers make them more relevant to and popular with young people?

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