About Me

I am a, qualified English teachers, who has over 15 years experience in the field. I have a background in general English (all levels), business tailor made experiences as well as individual/group private coursesyoung learners and foremost exam training (IELTS and Cambridge). All of I have CELTA, DELTA and at Masters in Adult education and a Masters in Education.

After many questions from my students I decided to create this website, to have a single access point where you can find all you need. Additionally, I wanted to support those extremely dedicated students, who know what it takes to succeed, with extra services. Therefore, we provide students who want to continue studying and practicing with written feedback on their writing  and speaking , as well as further reading and listening practice . Finally, we can create tailor made online classes and courses to assist you with your specific needs.

Why choose IELTSassistance

First of all, as a passionate teacher I want my students to achieve their personal goals. Sadly enough, in a class of 16 to 20 students it is impossible to personally assist every individual student. The teacher can only manage to help a lucky few, while the classes are taught to the average student.

Therefore, as a teacher I would love to offer a better service and help each and everyone with their particular problems. It is for this reason that I created this website, to provide you with one-to-one classes that really help you progress where you need help, not wasting time on things you have already mastered. Additionally, the benefit of extensive personal feedback on your writing and speaking, really trying to help you reach your specific IELTS score. That way you can finally fulfill your dream of studying, working or living in a different country, truly becoming a citizen of the world.

So, don’t waste your time and seize your opportunity now and select one of our outstanding services.

How IELTSassistance achieves its standards

Instead of sitting in a classroom filled with people and following a syllabus which does not necessarily reflect what you really want to work on, I will adapt the feedback, lessons, or courses to fit your specific needs. You just provide me with a detailed account of your wishes, problems, needs and we will create the tools you require to achieve success.

I do this by carefully listening and analyzing your needs and with our extensive know-how design a personal experience.  I am fully trained and have the years of experience to really assist you.

As you see, nothing will stop you from achieving your personal goal.

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