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First and foremost the materials have been created with different usages in mind. They can be used either for self-study by the well motivated students out there or by teachers and students in classroom settings. The materials are suitable for one-to-one classes and/or small to big groups. Therefore, teacher can use and/or modify the materials for their own needs as well as the needs of their students.

Second, all of our materials were, are and always will be free of any advertisements, commercial messages, horrible pop-ups or any annoying commercial rubbish that will diminish the impact of our teachings. As stated above, everyone has access to the free resources. We only generate an income through our self-study group classes, one-to-one classes,  speaking and writing corrections.

Third, all the resources have clear and easy to follow instructions which allow for self-study. They are goal oriented and are broken down in manageable chunks. All the theoretical input on the IELTS test, writing, speaking and the different skills are accompanied by extensive practice exercises. Moreover, the website has been intuitively designed to make it easy to find what you need. Lastly, all materials have links to more information, input and practice, as well as suggested links for similar materials.  

Finally, the materials are either accessible online or easily downloadable in pdf format, making it possible for teachers and students to access them anytime anywhere. If at any time you have any suggestions for further improvement you can always leave a comment on the specific web page or contact us directly.  

IELTSassistance.co.uk our materials
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Our Standards

First of all, my extensive background knowledge of the IELTS test and thorough understanding of the learning process has enabled me to create the most suitable materials for students. The numerous years of experience teaching exam classes has made it possible to substantially enhance my knowledge of the IELTS test. Therefore, I have been able to design comprehensive materials that really help students with their individual IELTS issues. Additionally, having been properly trained and educated as a teacher and having had many years of classroom experience I know exactly how to assist students in their learning process.  As a result, I have been able to produce these impeccable resources suitable for any student who wishes to reach their personal goal in the IELTS test.  

Second, as we continuously keep our students in mind we create the materials that are the most suitable to their particular needs. This is done by generating resources that self-motivate and inspire our students to achieve success.

Finally, material development goes through a comprehensive cycle of fine-tuning to produce resources that are entirely effective for all  students.

Material Development

Our materials generation always has the student at the center. Therefore, at all times the materials are student-oriented as we start from the issues our students encounter while preparing for the IELTS test.

During all our IELTS classes, courses and corrections issues are continuously diagnosed by our teachers. We also interview students who have already done the test and examine the obstacles they had trying to achieve their goal as well as what helped them to succeed.   

Next, these issues are then collected and sifted through to firstly select general problems that all IELTS students have to deal with, which are then prioritized.  Next a selection is made from more specific issues that a smaller group of students face. Finally, as this is a never ending process, we keep on collecting data, which is used at later stages to keep on creating new resources.

After problems have been diagnosed and a selection has been made, ideas are generated to deal with these problems. These ideas and solutions then go through a creative process to design suitable materials. At any stage of this process all our dedicated and hardworking teachers are involved and have the opportunity to use their extensive experience and knowledge to provide suggestions and possible solutions. This lengthy process is very dynamic and does take several weeks.

Once materials have been designed, instructions are checked for appropriacy and usability, making sure the materials can be used for self-study. Next, they are proofread and tested by one of our teachers, before they are used in a classroom setting.

In the next stage, materials are introduced into a classroom setting, either one-to-one or groups classes and meticulously tested for their efficiency. Issues are then quickly identified and swiftly solved by adapting tweaking and fine-tuning where needed.  Any materials introduced into the classroom are also always reviewed by our students. Overall, all materials are evaluated for their effectiveness by students and teachers, delivering perfectly suitable materials.

Lastly, the final completed materials are then published on the website for all our students around the world to use. As stated above, the whole meticulous and lengthy process is continuously, monitored, supervised and co-ordinated by a team of our teachers, at all times maintaining our rigorous standards. Therefore, we can confidently say that we consistently deliver the best materials suitable for all our students.

IELTSassistance.co.uk our materials development
IELTSassistance.co.uk our results

Our Results

Our materials have so far personally helped 1000s of students over the course of many years and their usefulness is demonstrated by the continuous success of our students. Our materials are 100% reliable and are still received enthusiastically by our students. Additionally, since our site has been launched there has been a constant systematic addition of extra materials which keep on increasing on a weekly basis.

Currently, our materials are being used globally by many students and teachers to achieve their IELTS goal. For example, all over Europe, China, Korea, Japan, Russia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, Kazakhstan, Australia, Canada, The US, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, Cameroon, Tanzania, to name but a few.    

As a result our materials have demonstrated their success, while our students are able to finally achieve their goals. All this has established the IELTSassistance brand as professionals in the IELTS field, which keeps on pushing the standards. For this reason we have clearly established and maintained our position as market leader in the delivery of professional IELTS assistance.

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