IELTS Speaking Part 3 Topic


Here are some of the questions asked:

1. Is shopping a popular activity in your country

2. How have shopping habits changed over recent years?

3. To what extent do you think advertising affects the way people shop?

4. Do you think shopping habits are likely to change in the future?

5. Do all people enjoy shopping for clothes?

6. Why women like to do shopping?

7. Why some women buy cheaper clothes and expensive ones at the same time?

8. Do you think it is good for people buy expensive clothes? Why?

9. Why do some people like shopping with friends?

10. Why people like shopping for clothes online?

11. What risks would take when shopping online? Why?

12. What special clothes do people in your country wear on official or formal occasions?

13. What is the different dress style between boys and girls?

14. Do you ever buy anything on the internet?

15. What do you think are the advantages of buying things on the internet?

16. Are there any disadvantages (or dangers) of buying on the internet? (What?)

17. Do you like window shopping? (Why?/Why not?)

18. In your country, how has shopping changed in the past few decades?

19. Do you think people spend too much time (or money) on shopping? (Why?/Why not?)

20. Do people in your country enjoy going to open-air markets that sell things like food or clothes or old objects? Which type of market is more popular? Why?

21. Do you think markets are more suitable places for selling certain types of things? Which ones? Why do you think this is?

22. Do you think young people feel the same about shopping at markets as older people? Why is that?

23. What do you think are the advantages of buying things from shops rather than markets?

24. How does advertising influence what people choose to buy? Is this true for everyone?

25. Do you think that any recent changes in the way people live have affected general shopping habits? Why is this?

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